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There are several games similar to the original Wordle Website you can play in the interim, and Eldrow is unquestionably the funniest of them all. Keep reading to know about the Eldrow game – an addictive Wordle spinoff.

What Is Eldrow Game

As the name suggests, Eldrow is the Wordle reverse. In Wordle, you need to guess a word using the arrangement of the green, yellow, and grey tiles.

Yet, in Eldrow, you are given the correct answer and must discover the prior one that led to it based on the color existing. Like Wordle, Edlrow has limitations, yet, you can play five puzzles each day instead of just one.

How To Play

As previously said, each puzzle in this word game consists of two words. The first word is a hint, while the second is the answer. In the game, you need to find your solution by working backward from the clue. Start by typing in a five-letter word.

Each puzzle has a different arrangement of a multicolored grid and a root word. For example, the root word in this puzzle is “CAUSE.” The colored tiles on this particular grid impose the following restrictions on the right response.

Meanwhile, the green squares imply that it is a correct letter. If it is yellow, the letter is in the world but in the incorrect place. Gray squares mean that the letters are not in the right word.

To erase your prediction and start over, press the DELETE button. Press forfeit if you don’t like the current puzzle. This mystery will come to a conclusion.

Eldrow Game Tips

Even the most skilled Wordle players may find it difficult to guess them all correctly. If you’re in this position, you are not alone. Let’s take a look at these tips to make things easier!

Watch Out For Words With the Same Letters

There is always a potential that an “E” or “O” will repeat itself when players come across such letters in a puzzle. Consonants like “L” and “S” could also fall prey to this problematic scenario. Therefore, you must remain alert for words that might use these letter combinations.

Rarely Do Words End In S

Being informed that Wordle terms are truly hand-selected is a very interesting fact. According to data collected by the Art of Problem Solving, just 2% of contemporary Wordle puzzles end with -S.

Method of Exclusion

This game is best solved by starting with the more typical consonants first. Use words with S, R, T, N, or other well-known non vowels.

Remember Plurals

Even if they don’t represent the pinnacles of your particular vocabulary, “TRIPS,” “BIRDS,” and “CLOGS” still indicate the existence or absence of a vowel and a few common consonants leaving you with additional knowledge.


To be honest, Eldrow is a pretty fun word game that offers an enjoyable way to relax and get your brain working. So, what are you waiting for?

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