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Waffle Introduction

You are probably surprised to know that the Waffle is not only an appealing sweet but also an exciting vocabulary game. As the name implies, it distributes characters in a waffle grid instead of a square. How to have fun with it? Scroll down for detailed instructions.

Waffle - The Labyrinth Of Letter Swap

The Waffle game was developed by James Robinson but named by Kittendern. Due to the unique format, the game quickly received acclaim from the huge fan community of Wordle and its spin-offs.

It serves an upgrade in the number of keywords compared to its predecessor and brings a makeover in interface and operation. Instead of inputs from the virtual keyboard, the players swap the positions of the existing characters to form complete words. Your task covers both horizontal and vertical rows. Hence, it never is an easy feat.

How To Play The Waffle Game

Not too different from other word-guessing games, you are tasked with discovering six mysterious 5-letter keywords. The gameplay may seem effortless when the characters are shown at the beginning, but trust us when we say it’s trying to mislead you.

The system shuffles them all away from their correct positions. Swapping a character to a new spot means the payoff of your turn. You have to work hard to complete the challenge in only 15 attempts.

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After each move, the tile transforms into one of three colors: green, yellow, or gray. The first one indicated that the letter had reached the accurate placement. Yellow suggests tuning in the same row or column for maximum accuracy. If you come across gray, you have spent a useless turn. Leave the frustration behind and try another possibility.

Tips & Tricks To Win Waffle At First Trials

Start With Vowels And Their Potential Positions

The alphabet has only 5 vowels, and chances are they appear in second or fourth place more than the rest. This sorting principle leads you to a smart strategy for your first moves.

Nothing is better than a few rows or columns with lots of green tiles. Seize this precious opportunity and move the vowels to potential spots. If you are blessed, it takes a flash to solve some keywords. For most of the rest, at least, the tiles turn yellow.

Do Not Get Trapped In Rare Cases

There were quite a few cases where meaningful words were not the hidden words and caused players to fall from cloud nine. Confusion often occurs due to the duplication of a character, especially at intersections. This awkward situation is commonly known as "THE FUNKY DINGO."

The most effective solution is to jot down the possibilities and perfect the word with most suggestions first.

Search Engine May Help

Cheating is fine if you look for outside support to get around the bottleneck. Once you have gathered some clues, they come in handy while working with Google or dictionaries.

Enter whatever information you have, for example, “five letter words starting with T and ending with E.” With the ambiguity in the hints, the search engine rarely points straight to the correct answer, but it narrows the scope of your guesswork.


Waffle is a good game to have fun with letters và vocabulary. It may take a while to get used to this interesting format, or in other words, the absence of a virtual keyboard. If the swapping drives you crazy, feel free to prepare a pencil and a piece of paper.

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