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Octordle Introduction

After a long time with Wordle, are you confident about a higher difficulty level? Just try with Octordle to find out the answer. Whether you win or lose, it is a good opportunity to test your skill and find ways to improve your strategy.

Octordle - A Spin-Off To Break Your Limit

With 8 secret keywords hidden behind the grid, the Octordle game multiplies the difficulty by 8 times. This format is considered good news for advanced players who nailed the Wordle long ago. Besides the upgrade in experience, you may fall in love with its various modes.

Overall it has three main modes: Daily (one crossword per day), Free (unlimited play), and Gold (exclusive features for subscribers). The first two open up some extra options, such as:

  • Basic: The rules stay the same as original
  • Sequence: Each keyword must be unlocked in order from top to bottom.
  • Rescue: The system messes up your starter with some predefined words.
  • How To Play Octordle

    Octordle takes you inside a long grid of eight distinctive Wordle puzzles. Your mission is to solve them as quickly as possible, at least within 13 turns.

    Depending on the mode, you can unlock randomly or follow a certain sequence from numbers 1 to 8. Except for the Rescue version, you do not own any hints at the beginning but must take wise moves to collect them.

    Your first thing to do is type any five-letter meaningful word from the virtual keyboard and press Enter. Immediately after, the system determines the accuracy of the characters against the mystery keyword and represents it with a color coding scheme.

    Similar to the predecessor - Wordle, the characters change to green, yellow, and gray to lead you in the right direction. The first color shows that you have hit the target, and there is nothing more to do.

    If the tiles turn yellow, you should adjust the position within the current word. It is a pity that the gray letters are wrong. Do not repeat them on the next attempts, and consider other possibilities.

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    Useful Tricks To Remain Your Winning Streak

    Pick Out The Good Starter Words

    A good warm-up leads you to positive results; thus, advanced players pay great attention to their first moves. If you have verified excellent options for the first two attempts in Wordle or similar titles, stick to them.

    Do not take the absence of concrete ideas seriously. We've got your back! The general rule for an effective start lies in the abundance of vowels.

    A list of recommended words includes AUDIO, LEAST, CRANCE, and TEARS. What these options have in common is that they contain at least two vowels and some common consonants.

    Allocate The Number Of Turns

    Though 13 turns sound like a lot for Wordle, remember that your workload increases significantly. Once you focus on a single row until it turns green, all that's left is a failure. It is best to distribute your attention to the entire grid evenly.

    If you cannot achieve optimal attribution, divide your puzzle into two parts. This strategy works as if you have two sub-tasks with each of four keywords for about 6 turns.


    Octordle is a great choice to expand your vocabulary and improve reasoning. Though it is not the hardest version, it serves moderated entertainment and stress for spare hours. Do not hesitate to try it out tonight!

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