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Word Wipe is a game title you have to try if you are a die-hard fan of puzzle games. Playing this fantastic game is the best way to spend your leisure time. Want to know more about Word Wipe and how to play it? Check out our guide to find out!

What Is Word Wipe?

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Word Wipe is among the best puzzle/board games that employ word puzzle logic to assist you in accomplishing a task. This game aims to remove every letter from the words on the board to win.

There are 60 riddles in the game, each with three levels of complexity. To access the final level, you must solve a predetermined number of riddles and perform an additional task.

How To Play Word Wipe

If you have played word puzzle games such as Wordle Website, you will pick up on how to play Word Wipe quite fast. Below is a brief tutorial on playing this game.

  • The timer will begin to count down once you click Begin. Try to find as many words as possible within the 120-second time limit.
  • To play the word, click and slide your cursor over the desired letters. By then, the letter squares’ original blue hue is replaced with orange. And they become green when you create a valid word.
  • The squares vanish as soon as you produce a word. Suppose there are squares above the letter; they will descend and take their respective positions.
  • Continually assemble words with the available squares. The gaming area gets smaller as you finish off entire columns and rows of cubes.
  • The Bonus Bomb meter fills up after you clear a column or row. You can place the Bomb anywhere you want on the grid when the meter is full.
  • When the timer expires, the game is over. Your score is then displayed, and the game asks you to move on to the following level.
  • Tips To Boost Your Score In Word Wipe

    Know The Letter’s Worth

    Each letter has a point value. However, the point assigned to each letter differs, meaning there are low- and high-value letters. For example, the letter B is worth up to 14 points.

    Play Long Words

    The longer the words, the more points you will receive. Keep in mind that letters don’t just sum up their points when they are connected; instead, they multiply. Thus, carefully observe so that you won’t miss a long word.

    Save The Bombs

    You might be able to receive your bombs by clearing several rows or columns. Still, it would be best not to use them right away. Put them off till later in the game. They will be your backup plan when you encounter letter groups that can’t form any words.

    Look At The Whole Grid

    Avoid getting too focused on a single area of the grid since your future word choices can be limited. Explore the grid and look for words anywhere you can. Equally reduce the grid’s size, so you have options for when only a few remaining blocks remain.

    Wrapping Up

    Word Wipe will not let you down if you’re looking for a game to play that provides a good diversion. It is a simple yet fascinating way to spend your time. What are you waiting for? Try it out now!

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