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A Glance At Nerdle

When you see the name “Nerdle,” you can think of the famous word-guessing game called Wordle. Wordle has inspired many game developers to create their Wordle-like variants. And Nerdle is such a game.

While the Wordle game requires players to figure out the five-letter English word, the Nerdle game will challenge players to spot the exact equation. This is the reason why the game has the name “Nerdle.”

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Where Can You Play Nerdle?

Nerdle is playable online on browsers or offline on your Android devices. Therefore, you can enjoy the game whether you have an Internet connection or not.

Being playable offline is an advantage Nerdle has over other Wordle-like games. On the game’s official website, you can find many exciting game modes apart from the default mode.

How To Play The Nerdle Game?

You will have ten numbers and five mathematical signs to form a potential calculation in Nerdle. There are six rows equivalent to six tries, and you must fill in the provided operators in all the eight square boxes in each row.

Nerdle is quite different from another mathematical Wordle-like game called Mathler. In Mathler, the game will supply players with an equation in advance. Yet, Nerdle players must use the equal sign to figure out the result of the calculation.

You can arrange the equation by using your physical keyboard or tapping the virtual keyboard on the screen. Honestly, using the game’s virtual keyboard will be more convenient.

Be sure that your calculation must be correct, or else the system won’t allow you to submit it. For instance, a calculation like 10-1-2=2 won’t be valid because the result is false.

Nerdle will guide you to spot the precise equation via the color indications:

  • The purple color shows that the operator you fill in is in the equation, but you must alter its spot in the next guess.
  • The light blue color is a sign of a perfect choice, and you should keep the light blue operator in its position.
  • The gray color is a hint of a wrong selection; avoid reusing the gray operator.
  • Nerdle Game Modes

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  • Default Mode: You will guess a calculation consisting of eight operators in six tries.
  • The Micro and Mini Mode: Nerdle gives players easier challenges with secret equations, including five and six digits, respectively.
  • The Mini Bi and Bi Mode: The Bi modes require Nerdle players to solve two secret calculations simultaneously.
  • The Speed Mode: You must solve the puzzle as quickly as possible.
  • The Instant Mode: Playing the instant mode is like playing a lottery. You must spot the solution at the first guess.
  • The Create Mode: This mode can be a great option for you to have fun with your friends. You can arrange a calculation as your wish, and Nerdle will help you to create a link to your secret equation. Then, you can share the game with your friends to challenge them.
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