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Quick Introduction Of Mathler

If you love puzzle games, you must have at least once heard of the game Wordle. And now you notice that the name “Mathler” is somehow related to “Wordle.” Yes, both names are relevant because the Mathler game is a variant of the Wordle game.

In Wordle, you will guess a word, as the name suggests, so you can easily figure out what the mission is in Mathler. Mathler players must spot a secret equation matching the provided result.

There are thousands of calculations that lead to the same result, but the task is not as overwhelming as you think.

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Where To Play The Mathler Game?

Mathler is a game with simple graphics and straightforward gameplay, so it is available on many puzzle game websites on the Internet. Firstly, you type “Mathler” on the search tool and press Enter.

Then, go to the website on the top results. You must have devices with an Internet connection to enjoy the game. Game developers haven’t released Mathler on smartphone app stores yet.

Rules Of Mathler

As mentioned above, since Mathler takes inspiration from Wordle, it resembles the original game in many ways. To begin with, Mathler’s default play mode is also a table of six rows with six square boxes in each row.

Hence, you will have six chances to guess the secret equation. The calculation must end with the result equal to the given result, or else your equation is invalid, and you can’t submit it.

How To Play Mathler?

Instead of the keyboard including twenty-six alphabetic letters in Wordle, Mathler players will arrange their equation from 10 numbers and 4 mathematical signs. You can use the physical keyboard or tap the virtual keyboard on the screen to create a calculation.

Apart from the provided result as a hint, Mathler also guides players via the color signals, like Wordle:

  • If the square box is gray, it means that the number or sign is not in the solution calculation.
  • If the square box is green, it indicates that you have made a perfect choice.
  • If the square box is yellow, the number or sign is in the equation, but you must put it in another spot in the next guess.
  • Mathler Game Modes

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    There are four game modes equivalent to four levels of difficulty in Mathler:

  • Easy Mathler: You have six tries to figure out an equation consisting of five square boxes (numbers and signs).
  • Mathler: The default mode with six tries for a calculation including six square boxes.
  • Hard Mathler: You must find out an equation of eight separate square boxes within six tries.
  • Killer Mathler: There are six square boxes in the Killer mode, but you will lose one crucial hint from the game: the yellow color, and there are green and gray left. You can only pick the exact number or signs or choose the wrong unit.
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