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Survivle Introduction

Survivle is a brand new fork of Wordle Website that has just been released and offers a whole new take on the still hugely popular word puzzle game. This brand new, massively popular game from 2022 has gone global and attracted a lot of players.

Curious about this interesting game? Scroll down and keep reading for more details.

What Is The Survivle Game?

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A recent Wordle spin-off that is the opposite of the original game is called Survivle Wordle. The dictionary, layout, and colors are all the same, while the objective of the two games is different: Instead of wanting to be right, you want to be wrong in Survival.

Try to guess any incorrect information using all the information that has been disclosed.

Survivle can only be won by guessing for as long as possible, unlike Wordle, where the goal is to solve the puzzle in the fewest attempts. This implies that you have to endure the game with the most wrong guesses before finding the solution.

Luckily, Survivle offers a built-in checker that will help you confirm your prediction and correct the error appropriately.

If Survivle has one limitation, it’s the lack of common words. Every time a user visits the website, a round is automatically created so that the player can play as many times as he wants in one go. It is therefore forced to add uncommon words to diversify the words to play.

How To Play

Survivle is playable on desktop and mobile computers with a keyboard or mouse.

First, guess a five-letter word. Your predictions will result in a set of gray, yellow, and green letters.

If Green appears in the crossword, it means that the correct letter has appeared and is in place. Yellow means that the letter appears in the keyword, but not in the correct place. Gray means that letter is not in the word.

Now the objective is to guess 5 letter words that are unquestionably not the solution while avoiding all gray letters. Sadly, your second guess must contain every yellow and green letter from your first guess.

Then, you can continue speculating and try to predict as many times as you can. You will receive your score as well as a Share button after you complete the round in the game.

If this is a Wordle, you can win with six or fewer guesses, but you must have a score of seven or more to win. It's harder than you can imagine. Survivle will display an alert at the top of your screen to assist you in locating and fixing if there is any problem.


Survivle is the newest branch worth trying out of Wordle. It may not be as hard or stupid as some of the other Wordle games. However, it could replace Wordle as a better alternative if it undergoes some further modifications for use with social networking and statistical tracking features.

We hope that this post will fully introduce you to Survivle. Please leave any issues or any questions in the comments section below if you have any.

Happy playing!

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