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Geography Introduction

Wordle has risen to fame and become a phenomenon on game forums in recent months. However, its simple concept now seems boring for experienced players; thus, Internet users crave new spin-offs. In case you look for an exciting option to improve your geography knowledge, try the Geography game.

What Is Geography?

The Geography game uses more than 200 countries and territories worldwide to pose challenges for you. Inheriting the color scheme from Wordle, it creates familiar yet refreshing puzzles to conquer the hearts of those who fall for the guessing format.

A plus point of this title is the vivid 3D graphics - something you cannot find in other versions in the same universe.

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How To Play Geography Game

Once you access the main screen, a message is displayed to define your in-game experience. You first need to define the scope of possibilities in three categories: Countries, Administrative Regions, Oceans, and Mountains.

Based on your choices, the 3D world map rotates to the specified range, and the system starts counting the hours. Now shift your attention to the upper left corner to determine your goal. The game sets out country names and requires the players to find the exact positions within the highlighted area.

A color coding system similar to Wordle will determine the accuracy of your guesses. If the screen shows a red rectangle, your input went wrong.

Give yourself a round of applause once it turns green. Such actions repeat until you unlock all the mysterious puzzles. The shorter the completion time, the cooler you are! Feel free to skip if you are already at a dead end.

Adjust Your Settings To Have More Fun

In case you find it boring with the same gameplay all the time, try other interesting modes to spice things up.

Two Basic Modes

Before taking on the challenge, you have two options to control your gameplay, including:

  • Traditional: The game determines the number of rounds to cover all the region's territories you have selected.
  • Random: the system selects a random list of territories for a predefined number of matches.
  • Advanced Options

    Are you confident that you have mastered the world map? If so, the game enables some settings to increase the difficulty (or decrease it otherwise). Note the following options:

  • Show If Incorrect: Flashes the territory once you get the question wrong after a few tries.
  • After How Many: The number of incorrect attempts for the above setup.
  • Allow Skipping: enable skipping for difficult questions.
  • Leave Highlighted After Correct: Make the game easier by identifying potential territories.
  • Conclusion

    Geography is a fun title to learn about world maps and relieve stress. It is a great idea to share this game with your kids and enjoy quality family time. You can reduce the number of rounds for the first time to get used to it. Bet you will become a master of global geography after these challenges.

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